New Business Coming Soon…Maybe

Current Investment Results

Over the past 5 years I have spent countless hours testing old market data for stocks, bonds, gold, and crypto currencies. At times I had thought I found hidden treasures in the data only to be disappointed when I started implementing my findings with even small amounts of real money.

However, in June of 2019 I became confident and began investing the majority of my net worth using the techniques I had developed. The only reason I felt sure enough to start doing this was that finally logic, simulations, and real money tests started to tell the same story. So, I also started sharing the results via my profile on to build a verifiable track record. You can see the most up to date results by visiting the page for my strategy called Patience is a Virtue.

The strategy on Collective2 will only show you the results of my trading from June 2019 until present. My results have not always been that good, as my brokerage statements are happy to show. This chart below is the full history of my managed accounts at Interactive Brokers, shown in blue, compared to three stock market indexes. There was a long period of below average performance when I was testing, learning, and failing with many previous strategies. Fortunately, the story since June has been much different.

All Since Inception

Plans Moving Forward

Earlier this month I took and passed the Series 65 exam, which is a key step to applying for a license as a financial adviser in the state of Oklahoma. Assuming no major disruptions, I am hoping that in about 2-6 months I will be set up to take on clients.

I have done extremely well this year, but I don’t expect every year to be so great. I think this year is far above average based on my models. Also, my models suggest I can expect to lose -35% some years and have multiple years in a row with negative growth. However, my models also indicate fantastic results in the long term. Therefore, I am using these simulations to guide my current investment decisions, but you should not forget that even real historical results do NOT guarantee that the future will be similar. Investing is risky and irregular. I could be completely wrong about my models and be missing some risks that could hurt me later.

Despite the risks, my best available information suggests that my investing techniques will have greater total returns than the market over long periods of time with only modest drops in value. I hope that by getting licensed I can use these same techniques to help clients. So please reach out to me if you would like to be contacted when/if I get my business up and running.

How to Copy My Investments Now

You can still have your own brokerage account copy mine automatically even though I am not licensed at this time, but I cannot give you individualized investment advice. To automatically copy my trades you can use the following steps, but be sure to analyze all the fees you will have to pay and make sure it is worth it for you.

  1. Create an account on Collective2
  2. Create and fund a brokerage account at Interactive Brokers using the IBKR Pro fee structure. You can use other compatible brokerage services, but I use Interactive Brokers and am very happy with them.
  3. Subscribe to my strategy Patience is a Virtue, paying the fee I charge. However, if you use this coupon code UGYK93774 you will have 12 months free from the fee that I charge. If this coupon code is expired and you would like one please reach out to me. If email alerts are all you want you can stop after step 3.
  4. Pay Collective2 an additional fee to link your Collective2 and Interactive Brokers account(s) so that trades are automatically placed that mimic my trades. You will want to reach out to the Collective2 support team in this stage if it isn’t clear to you. Remember, if you just want email alerts for when I trade you don’t have to pay this secondary fee to set up what Collective2 calls AutoTrading.



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