My Hedge Fund!

Did you know that I publish the results of  my active stock investments online for anyone to see? The bad news is that my results aren’t always what I would have hoped for. Over the past three years of actively trading I have mostly under-performed the market. I still made money, but  it turns out all the advice of people like Warren Buffett saying, “buy mutual funds and don’t actively trade” is probably right. That is why my wife and I don’t and won’t ever put all of our money into the accounts I actively manage.

We make sure that we save the recommended 15% of our income in traditional mutual funds managed by professionals and essentially have that on autopilot. Then if we want to save extra we have the choice to put it into something I actively manage myself or more mutual funds and ETFs. In other words, we have our batting singles money and our home run money.

I continue to actively trade because I enjoy it and think I have what it takes to significantly beat the market overtime. I attribute much of my under-performance to the massive learning curve and switching around accounts etc. incurring fees and missed opportunities.

I think my trading and risk management have improved greatly overtime, and I have since started tracking my results using my current Collective2 profile.  (I had a different one that I stopped using around May or June of 2018, but you can still see the results here. Just note that the performance after May or June of 2018 isn’t really a result of my active trading)

This profile on Collective2 allows me to automatically track and publish my trading results. It also gives friends, family, and strangers the ability to automatically copy my trades in their own broker account – at their own risk.

Most of the time people pay a small fee to copy trades or see the currently open trades published on Collective2, but if you are a friend or family member and want see the trades or copy them, let me know. I would love having more people to talk through ideas with. Even if all you have are questions and don’t feel like you would have much to contribute, I would gladly give you free access. If you want to actually have your account copy my trades I probably will make you pay a fee, but a smaller one than the listed price because you are a friend or family member, and you actually read my blog. If you are a complete stranger, but managed to read this let me know. I may not make it free but will probably give you a reduced price too just for having visited my website.

If you want more information watch the promotional video below to see how it all works.


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