My Investing

I get asked what I invest in with my own money. There are a lot of things I buy from Bitcoin to mutual funds. The chart above is designed to mimic the returns of my total portfolio on a percent basis. That means if the chart goes up 2% my actual portfolio probably went up about 2%. However, if the chart shows it went up $10,000 that doesn’t mean my real portfolio went up $10,000 because my net worth is not the same as what the chart shows.

Not everything I actually buy is available in this fake money account. I cannot purchase mutual funds or currencies I own in the hypothetical account. So, I just buy a similar set of ETFs or stocks to represent the real things that I own when they are not available.

In truth most people are better off just buying a Target Date Retirement fund from a low cost provider. I essentially do that with some money and take larger risks with other money. It us unclear if I will beat the stock market averages, but despite the odds being against me I still try.

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