The 3X Portfolio Is Going Away, Sort of…

I trade with a mix of long, medium, and short term signals. For months all signals have been green and bullish, and the market has been going up like crazy. Over the last couple of days the short term signal has turned red. Depending on how the market goes for the next 30 minutes, the medium term signal may also turn red before the close of the market. If that happens I will move about half of my funds into more neutral positions rather than plain bullish positions. This could certainly be a false signal and things could return to bullish mode Monday. Only time will tell, but this is what the algorithm dictates.

To get live updates of exactly what trades I am taking because of this please follow this link to create a free account and subscribe to my strategy Patience is a Virtue for free using this link. This will allow you to get daily emails showing every order I am placing when it is placed. I will no longer be sharing the 3X leveraged portfolio via my own website. Updating it only once a month is just unsettling. If you want to know the 3X leveraged trades I am taking you will have to use the links above and set up email notification. If you do this you will get a daily email shortly before 3 PM central time each weekday.

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