Portfolio Alerts! 2019 December

This last month was great in many different ways. I spent lots of time with friends and family. Ate lots of good food – too much for sure! I saw the new Star Wars movie, which I liked because I just rolled along with any potential plot holes. I won a 58″ TV! Well actually my wife won it with those trivia smarts of hers. I had some great nights with friends playing Call of Duty until early in the morning just like in the old days. Of course, I didn’t feel as great at 4 am now as I did then. I read a fascinating book, Cross Vision by Dr. Gregory Boyd that is either heretical to the Christian faith or something nearly every Christian needs to read. I may have to do some posts on it later to process it. Yes, I reserve the right to talk about non-financial things at times on the blog. It was a great month and has me excited for the new year as I plot my resolutions! With all that said let’s dig into the monthly portfolio alerts. 

How was Last Month?

It was also a great month by financial terms. My portfolios had me mostly in stocks, out of bonds, out of cryptocurrencies, and in a little bit of gold. Overall nearly all of those seemed to be good decisions for December despite my fears going into the month. I entered December concerned that things had gone up too far too fast, but those fears were clearly misguided. I am glad I followed my system instead of my feelings.

This month I have the same concerns, but once again my portfolio rules are saying to remain steady. These free strategies rely upon the fact that before things get really bad in the markets they tend to get a little bad first. They aim to only miss most of the bad and only catch most of the good. Even kids can understand this rule. Don’t stop playing outside to get out of the rain while it is still sunny outside. Go inside when it first starts to rain and just deal with getting a little wet. In the same way don’t go back outside to play just because it stopped raining for one minute. Wait until it clears out a bit, then enjoy the sun while it is out!

There are New Portfolios to Consider!

I have added two new portfolios to the list I am sharing free trade alerts for with the blog. I felt that the two portfolios I was sharing were pretty aggressive and wanted to add some more conservative portfolios. All of them are easy to use with any account size, and I use all of them to manage some of my own money or my families money. From conservative to aggressive they are the Tortoise, Elephant, Hare, and Cheetah portfolios. I used the story of the Tortoise and the Hare to name them then got stuck on good name ideas. Essentially the slower the animal the slower and more conservative the growth.

  • Tortoise Portfolio (Conservative Portfolio)
    • Trades once a year.
    • Target allocation of 75% TLT (Bonds) and 25% VTI (Stocks).
    • Test for appropriateness is, “if investing $10,000 could I stick to the plan if I were to see it drop to $8,500 or less in a month or less?”
    • Click here for simulated historical results
  • Elephant Portfolio (Moderate Portfolio)
    • Trades monthly.
    • Target allocation switches between 80/20% TLT/VTI (Bonds/Stocks) and 20/80% TLT/VTI (Bonds/Stocks).
    • Test for appropriateness is, “if investing $10,000 could I stick with the plan if it were to drop to $7,100 or less in a month or less?”
    • Click here for simulated historical results
  • Hare Portfolio (No longer publishing for simplicity.)
    • Trades monthly.
    • Target allocations
      • TLT (Bonds), SPY (Stocks), IWM (Stocks), MDY (Stocks), or QQQ (Stocks) for any given month can be up to 100% of the portfolio.
      • GBTC (Bitcoin) can be up to 10%.
      • GLD (Gold) can be up to 10%
    • Test for appropriateness is, “if investing $10,000 could I stick with the plan if it were to drop to $6,500 or less in a month or less?”
    • Click here for simulated historical results
  • Cheetah Portfolio (3X-Aggressive Portfolio)
    • Trades once or twice monthly.
    • USES 3X LEVERAGE! Watch out!
    • Target allocations
      • TQQQ (3X Stocks), UPRO (3X Stocks), MIDU (3X Stocks), or TNA (3X Stocks) can be up to 80% of the portfolio.
      • TMF (3X Bonds) can be up to 90% of the portfolio.
      • UGLD (3X Gold) can be up to 10% of the portfolio
      • GBTC (Bitcoin) can be up to 15% of the portfolio.
    • Test for appropriateness is, “if investing $10,000 could I stick with the plan if it were to drop to $4,500 or less in a few days or less?”
    • Click here for simulated historical results.

What am I Investing in Today?

On the last trading day of the month I adjust the allocation in all four of the free portfolios I publish. If any account of mine is pretty close to the ideal portfolio I will just leave it alone and not incur any transaction costs, taxes, or slippage. So, if an account has 85% S&P 500 (Stocks) and the ideal new allocation is 80% I may just leave it alone for another month. Things like this don’t have to be exact, just close. After making any adjustments today I will just leave these accounts alone until the last trading day in January. So here are the ideal allocations for the four free portfolios for today.

Target Allocations For Each Portfolio
Tortoise Elephant Hare Cheetah
TLT 75% 20%
VTI 25% 80%
QQQ 90%
GLD 10%
TQQQ 72%
TMF 18%
UGLD 10%
US Dollars 0% 0% 0% 0%
Stop Loss for Each Holding None None None
35% Trailing Stop-Loss
Updated Yearly Monthly Monthly Monthly
If I have $10,000 invested in this portfolio at the peak I should be okay with it dropping to this value or worse. $8,500.00 $7,100.00 $6,500.00 $4,500.00

You can find a list of previous Portfolio Alerts and past performance on my Performance Page.

Premium Portfolio

I have one other portfolio that I share, but it is so good I make people pay. It combines the Cheetah portfolio with several other strategies that can issue trades more frequently than once a month. This helps to moderate the volatility of the Cheetah portfolio while maintaining returns. This is the portfolio that I use to manage most of my money. It works great for people with accounts of $15,000 or more and trades can be issued directly to your broker without you having to trade yourself. I give special discounts to readers of the blog if they ask for it and try to make it so that the annual cost to subscribe is no more than 4% of the amount you start investing with. You can find out more about this portfolio by messaging me directly through the contact page.


By using any of this website you acknowledge that I am providing this for entertainment and education purposes only. If you use it to invest your own money you do it at your own risk. I am in no way guaranteeing anything. I am not licensed and may or may not benefit by having other people buy securities I am buying or selling. Investing is very risky and the strategies I do are riskier than most. You could lose some, all, or more that you invest. 

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  1. Which one is the old lady with a young heart and desires portfolio?


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