Portfolio Alerts! 2019 November

Today I am checking my portfolio so that I am hopefully well prepared for any crash or surge in the market next month. There is obviously no guarantee that I am right or wrong, but just in case you want to know here is what I am doing with my own money!

What am I investing in today?

  • Target Allocations for my Conservative Monthly Trading Account.
    • QQQ = 90%
    • TLT = 0%
    • GLD = 10%
    • GBTC = 0%
    • Cash = 0%
    • I am using no stop losses for this portfolio.
  • Target Allocations for my Highly Aggressive Monthly Trading Account.
    • TQQQ = 72%
    • TMF = 18%
    • UGLD = 10%
    • GBTC = 0%
    • Cash = 0%
    • I am using a trailing stop loss of -35% for each position in this portfolio.

How it Works

  • I am sharing the activities in the two accounts I have at Charles Schwab – my aggressive and my conservative account.
  • I usually trade just once a month in these accounts and hold a handful of positions at a time.
  • I make a Portfolio Alert post each time I update the account.
  • You can find a list of previous Portfolio Alerts and past performance on my Performance Page.

When I first posted this today it had the wrong allocations accidentally from what I actually did. It is all correct now.

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