Portfolio Alerts! 2019 October

It may be Halloween, but that is no reason to be spooked by the markets.  By popular request I am now sharing the trades I make so anyone can see what I actually do!

What am I investing in today?

  • Target Allocations for my Conservative Monthly Trading Account.
    • SPY = 80%
    • TLT = 0%
    • GLD = 10%
    • GBTC = 10%
    • Cash = 0%
    • I am using no stop losses for this portfolio.
  • Target Allocations for my Highly Aggressive Monthly Trading Account.
    • TQQQ = 60%
    • TMF = 15%
    • UGLD = 10%
    • GBTC = 15%
    • Cash = 0%
    • I am using a trailing stop loss of -35% for each position in this portfolio.

How it Works

  • I have multiple investment accounts, but am only sharing the activities in the two accounts I have at Charles Schwab where I only make trades once a month and only hold a handful of positions at a time.
  • I am keeping a log of the performance of these accounts on my Performance Page.
  • All email subscribers of my blog will receive email updates when I update my portfolio.
  • People are welcome to copy my trades in their own accounts, but doing that is of course done at your own risk. Investing is risky. The risks I can take may not be suitable for everyone.
  • People are always welcome to ask me questions on my contact page!
  • This can be replicated with as little as $1,000 at virtually any broker that doesn’t charge commissions on each trade – Charles Schwab, Robinhood, TDAmeritrade, etc.
  • If an account doesn’t have enough money to get very close to the right % allocations I just focus on getting it as close as possible – even not taking all positions if necessary.

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My thoughts on the month ahead.

  • The S&P 500 is up almost 22%. It is funny to think about it being up that much when there has been so much talk of a looming recession through the year. These may very well come true, but it shows that listening to financial news isn’t a very reliable indicator.
  • The market is in a good overall upward trend therefore I am going to be a buyer of it. My main concern is just that it has run up too far too fast, but based on my backtested strategies it still seems like it is best to ignore that concern.
  • I also take some comfort in the fact that over the last two years the market has only increased by about 13%. In other words too much too fast tends to worry me a bit, but the large run up this year largely just made of for the poor end to last year.
  • Gold and Bitcoin had fantastic first 6 months of the year with a lack luster remainder. However, both are still in an overall upward trend on their long term and are good hedges for the overall stock position.
  • In my aggressive portfolio I am also purchasing some leverage bonds to diversify a bit more due to the increased risk of the leveraged Nasdaq 100 ETF, leveraged Gold fund, and the increased allocation to the Bitcoin Trust, GBTC.

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