End of the Month Report 1

Edit from 8/17/2019 I am very bad at promptly posting end of the month reports about my investments. So don’t expect further timely End of the Month Reports. I guess 1 was just too much.

Today is the last trading day of the month, and I want to start giving once a month update with what I am doing with my own investments. I will attempt to track the results and take all my accounts from 401k accounts to cryptocurrency accounts. I will then distill those down into a simple portfolio that would mimic it.

As of today my indicators are mixed. Therefore, today I am adjusting my allocations to reflect that for the next month. I have set my accounts up to hold about 14 different stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds for the next month. I hold 14 different things because not all accounts let me purchase the same thing etc. The end result is that my total portfolio for the next month will be similar to holding the following:

  • Stocks (SPY) = 45%
  • Bonds (TLT) = 41%
  • Cryptocurrency (GBTC) = 12%
  • Cash = 2%

The primary reason I am reducing stock exposure this month is because the S&P 500 is currently less than the average price it has been for the last 200 days. This is typically a neutral or bearish sign. However, some other indicators that I use are showing a bullish outlook.  Since my indicators are mixed I will be mixed too.

I don’t have much information to share other than that. Next month I will check in to see how to this portfolio does, and what I want my asset mix to be for the next month.






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