A Stranger Took My Car to Canada!

A stranger took my car to Canada! You may be thinking, “Isn’t living in Minneapolis basically living in Canada?” While it may feel like it at times, the Canadian boarder is still about 5 hours away, and a stranger just took my keys and my car to Canada. Before your stress levels get too high, I want you to know that I did give this stranger permission to take my car. I am challenging myself to see how many different ways I can save money and make extra money on the side and document them here on my website. My current test is running my own rental car company!

My 2015 Nissan Versa. Purchased new for $14,946 in 2015. Why did I buy new!? It was my worst financial mistake ever.

To be clear this is only the second time I have rented out my car to a stranger for money, but it may not be the last. This has surprisingly been an extremely easy way to make some extra money. I think we have all heard of Airbnb, the app that lets people rent out their homes or apartments temporarily. Well, there are actually apps out there that will allow you to do the same with your car, which is perfect for apartment dwellers with restricting leases like myself.

Essentially, you make your car a dating profile and set a calendar for when your car is available to be rented. Obviously, you want to tell the truth in your car’s dating profile, but I definitely tried selling it up. For example, my car has manual locks and windows – not typically something people are excited about. Instead, I embraced that in my profile:

“The car will remind you of a simpler time with manual locks and windows, but don’t worry. You will still have all the modern day necessities like cruise control and Bluetooth for phone calls.”

My experience was honestly very smooth. I even got an extra $40 from each renter because I offered curbside pickup and drop off at the Minneapolis airport. The app seems to have been very well designed and allowed me to easily share my location and chat with the renter when trying to meet up at the airport. You can set all kinds of details like mileage limits, time limits, minimum price, and so much more. Of course, you worriers have hundreds of concerns, and I did too. After doing some research, they seem to all be under control. The app allowed me to pick one of several levels of insurance I wanted for coverage. The standard coverage is good for $1 million and takes precedence over my personal insurance.

I will probably do another post once my car gets back from Canada detailing how much money I made from these two trips and lots of other details. So, far though it seems like a pretty decent way to make some extra money, and you could actually scale it up, just like many Airbnb owners rent multiple properties full time. If you want to try using a peer to peer car rental next time you need a rental car, use my referral link so that you and I both get $25 each https://turo.com/c/charlest510. Also, you can check out my car’s dating profile here. If you are ever in Minneapolis, I know of a great car waiting to take you back to a “simpler time.”

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  3. Save $25 on your next rental car here.



3 thoughts on “A Stranger Took My Car to Canada!

  1. This does not surprise me my industrious nephew. You go guy!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susan Austin Tines July 5, 2018 — 12:27 am

    You amaze me and worry me at the same time, son.


    1. That is what kids are for. Does driving for Uber worry you less or more?


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