Paper and Back Again, a Bitcoin’s Tale

Many people don’t know this but you can keep Bitcoins and almost any other cryptocurrency on paper. It really isn’t that much different than creating a new email address and password then writing them down on paper. The only difference is that when you store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on paper there is no service like Google that has your password or emails. Everything is on that piece of paper and if you lose that piece of paper or its copies your Bitcoins are gone. So be careful! Check out the video on how to create and use paper wallets. There are some helpful links for where you can create paper wallets and links to help you spend or check your balance.

This list is by no means comprehensive but will enable you to create paper wallets for some of the most popular cryptocurrencies and use the paper wallets. I have used all of these services below and had them work great for me. If you want to know about a different currency let me know!

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