Why Bitcoin is Cheap!

even though Bitcoin has hit roughly $10,000 per coin, I believe the general crypto currency market is still very cheap. I project cryptocurrencies will grow at least 150% over the next decade and potentially over 2,000% in the next decade. As I describe in the video below, gold alone is worth over $7,800 billion. Today all cryptocurrencies combined are worth only $300 Billion dollars. If cryptocurrencies continue to be seen as a good store of value, I believe they could reach a market cap of $7,800 billion in a decade, resulting in a 38.5% gain per year for the next ten years. If crypto currencies only grow 150% over the next decade they will grow roughly 9.6% a year. I think there will certainly be some ups and downs along the path, but in my opinion Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold because it is easily sent, divided, and spent across the world with ever increasing ease and ubiquity. I don’t know if cryptocurrencies will grow  150%, 2,000%, or go to zero, but I believe there is a large enough margin of safety that a long term investor in cryptocurrencies will do just fine.

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